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For many years, I was content simply to read. 

I am glad that has changed. Writing is what I love to do. There's nothing that feels quite like writing, nothing that feels so... right. 

I have finished four novels, but only two to my satisfaction. All four belong to the fantasy genre, some in smaller dosis. I am now working on a full-blown, dreadfully long, pure-fantasy nightmare that I can only hope I'll finish before the year is out. Meanwhile, I'm working on editing those other two finished novels. 

I've also written a few short stories, and I'm working on a small, hard-to-classify (though it would probably be science fiction) novella about life in limbo. 

Current status of my work: 

End of Magic series:

Slayer of Gods (Book One): Editing

Imitator of Gods (Book Two): In the works


Tales of Ferryun:

Biography of a Terrible Man (stand-alone novel): Currently uploading. 

The Land of Wasted Opportunities (stand-alone novel): Final touches. 

Fools and Wolves: Re-structuring.(stand-alone with a sequel)

Complete at 102,000 words, this is an anti-hero fantasy novel centered around the eerie cult of the God of Death. Disenchanted with their teachings, Kildar seeks redemption in a strange way, one that only works within his confused mind: by setting out on one last hunt. 

Complete at 75000 words, this stand-alone novel is set in the in the superstitious kingdom of Ashkrom, where an evil omen can bring down a mighty king and an auspicious birth can be enough for a commoner to rise to power. 

To save this crumbling realm, eighty-two-year-old Shino must now forget the first lesson he learned in life. ‘Everyone lies’. This time, peace will not come without the truth. But facing a past might be a price too steep to pay,

To be the last to die ­– that was all Godslayer ever wanted.

In a world of chaos, raked by a thousand-year-old war between those who use and those who loath magic, Godslayer finally finds an opportunity. His plan is twofold: he must defeat Death and make war on magic. And so he sets about his way, carefully planning his every move. Unknowingly, those that cross his path lend a hand to his dark purpose. 

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