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Gazzetta Hédoné

Gazzetta Hédoné is a trending online magazine dedicated to lifestyle, where I write in spanish. I collaborate with a weekly column dedicated mostly to travel.  

Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite is a luxury blog read throughout the world, with the most substantial readership located in the United States and Mexico. Here I publish two weekly articles dedicated to a number of lifestyle subjects, dealing mostly in travel and featuring long, destination-based publications. I write in english and spanish. 


Diariojudío is a widely-read online portal with readers throughout Latin America, the United States, and Spain, breaching a wide range of subjects. My earliest collaborations were dedicated entirely to science, usually relating to the field of physics. I've since expanded to include travel. Here I write mostly in spanish.  

Seducción en los Viajes 1-3

Seduction and Travels is a three-books series that I co-authored along with my mother and sister. The books' chapters are divided into destinations, and we've created a unique compendium in its personal touch. We discuss our own experiences and recommend activities, hotels, and restaurants. The amount of books printed was limited to a couple thousand and distributed throughout hotels, airport lounges, and other such venues. All three books are in both spanish and english. 

Deby Beard

El Blog de Deby Beard was the first lifestyle blog in Mexico, and has an enormous readership. I collaborate on occasion with texts related to travel and lifestyle, all of them in spanish. 

Tijuana Notas

Tijuanotas, a supplement of Diariojudío, has an even wider readership, located mostly in the northern part of Mexico. Here I collaborate on occasion, in both spanish and english. 

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